Holiday Party Outfits

For your Holiday party attire this year, here’s some trends that are affordable and stylish.

(I will keep adding more ideas this month)

Velvet Dress

Velvet dresses are very in right now, and they make perfect party dresses. The dress I’m wearing above is from Blu Sperro Boutique and only $42.  What I love about this dress in particular, is that you can style it so many different ways. For a more edgy look, I paired the dress with a suede biker jacket (Forever 21), black choker (Forever 21), black bralette (Forever 21), tights, and heeled black boots (Target). To dress it up, you can pair the dress with heels, and bold jewelry. To make the dress more casual, you can throw a jean jacket over it and wear ankle boots, or even sneakers.

Two Piece Outfits

Two Piece Outfits are great for New Year’s Eve parties. The two-piece I’m wearing is from Design Lab, the top was $45  and the skirt was $55. I dressed this look up with earrings from J. Bird Jewelry from Design Lab. Two-pieces can also be more dressed up with heels and an overcoat. A small purse or clutch can be used to add a pop of color to the outfit. Other two-pieces can be found at , Nordstrom, Charlotte Russe, and many other stores. Also, you can purchase a separate crop top and pencil skirt to create your own two-piece.

Fringe Detail Dress

This Fringe Detail Dress is perfect day-to-night transition dress. To make this dress more appropriate for the day, simply throw on a casual  jacket.  For a night look, the fringe detail on the back creates a edgy contrast, and can be paired with simple jewelry. The dress pairs well with ankle boots or heels.  For a pop of color, a lip color or a colorful clutch can complete your outfit. Dresses with the perfect print are hard to find. When searching for print dresses, try to avoid dresses with too many colors or too big of print. Certain prints can be very distracting and unflattering. 

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