Statement Jackets

One of my favorite trends this year is statement jackets. What I love about jackets is that they are so simple to style. Just from changing into three different jackets, I created 3 different looks all while wearing the same shirt, jeans, and boots. Statement jackets are very versatile because they can be worn to dress up an outfit or worn casually.

All of the jackets I am pictured wearing are under $30

-Embroidered Bomber Jacket: Charlotte Russe- $29.99

-Bomber Jacket: Amazon Prime- $18.99

-Suede Black Jacket: Forever 21- $25.00



Other Places To Buy Jackets:

-Striped Bomber Jacket: Forever 21- $22.90

-Silk bomber Jacket: Target- $29.99 

-Steve Madden Bomber Jacket: Nordstrom – $68.00

-Embroidered Leather Effect Bomber Jacket: Zara- $99.90 

-Leather Jacket: Zara- $99.99

Clothes That Pair Well With Statement Jackets:

-Plain basic T-shirts

– Jeans

– T-shirt dresses

-Jean skirts

-Graphic tees

Outfits To Wear With A Statement Jacket:

– Basic T-shirt, jeans, booties or sneakers

– T-Shirt dress, thigh-high boots

– Solid crop top, jean/suede mini skirt, boots

-Athletic wear (works best with bomber jackets) , such as leggings and tank tops

-Graphic tees, mini skirt, boots (ankle or thigh-high)

Statement Jackets Worn By Celebrities:



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