How to Wear Red

Roses are red, Lipstick is too, “How on earth do you wear red?”… I’ll show you!

Red is one of those colors we typically don’t wear every day. But since Valentine’s day is around the corner, here are some ways to be festive and incorporate red into your outfit.

Red Lipstick A super easy way to add a pop of red into your outfit is by adding a red lip. A bold red lip looks best with simple outfits. A simple black dress or a black blouse would go perfectly with a red lip. Also, because the red lip is so dramatic, try to go for a natural eye makeup look so that your red lip is the main focal point. Heavy eye makeup and a dramatic lip create an overpowering look.

 Red Accessories With the simple addition of a red purse or red jewelry your valentines outfit will be complete. Because red is a bold color, pair your red accessories with solid colors and simple prints. Any simple black and white prints work well red accessories or solid colors such as white, black, gray, and sometimes light blue (depends on the color of red). 

Red Accented Clothes If you don’t want to wear a solid red outfit, then look for prints with red accents. What I love about the print of the shirt that I’m wearing is that red is the statement color even though I’m wearing mostly black. To add more red in your outfit, you can always add red accessories. 

Red Statement Top If you are going for a bold look this Valentine’s day, then wear a solid red blouse. Red tops can often be hard to match pants and skirts with. But to be safe, black always pairs with red. A dark jean would also pair well with a red top. As for accessories with a statement top, wear simple jewelry. Simple jewelry includes diamond studs, small gold/silver necklaces, watches, and dangle bracelets. Try to avoid wearing prints with a bold red top, instead try to stick with solid dark colors. 


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