GALentine’s Day

How to host a GALentine’s Day party for you and your closest gals.

FullSizeRender 30.jpgSo what is GALentine’s day you ask? February 13th, a day of food, friends, and celebrating Valentines day (well minus the romantic part). Here are 13 ideas for February 13th:


GNO Downtown: Dress up and hit the town with your girls. Try out new restaurants, go boutique shopping, take pictures, try vintage shopping, and treat yourself with dessert this GALentine’s day.
Breakfast for dinner: Breakfast for dinner is never a bad option. With your friends, make all of your favorite breakfast foods and enjoy them together. Take breakfast for dinner to a new level with heart-shaped cinnamon rolls. First, simply take a can of packaged cinnamon rolls and separate them into individual cinnamon rolls. Then, unroll them into a single line and then re-roll inward to create a heart shape. To finish it off, pinch the bottom of the heart cinnamon roll. Finally, cook the cinnamon rolls for the time directed on the package.
Go see Fifty Shades Darker: Instead of going to see Fifty Shades Darker on Valentine’s Day, go see it a day earlier with your best friends. Treat your self to a dine-in movie and order whatever food your heart desires.
Throwback Movie Marathon: If you don’t want to go out to the theaters, have your own movie marathon. Put on your favorite Disney Channel, Rom-Coms, or any other throwbacks you love.
Decorate your own heart candy cookies: These cookies are fun and easy to make. First, buy sugar cookie dough of your desired brand. Next, roll out the dough on a flat surface and use a heart cookie cutter to make the heart shape. Then, ice your cookies with your desired icing color. Finally, using an icing bag (or you can put icing in a Ziploc bag and cut the tip of an edge) write your heart candy sayings on your cookie.
Make dinner with your friends: Instead of going out to dinner and spending money, try staying at home and show off your best recipes. And for those of you who aren’t the greatest chefs (like me), set the table and add fun decorations to make your dinner more festive.
Game night : Bring out old & new card and board games this Galentine’s day. Here are a few game ideas: Headbands, Cards Against Humanity, Life, Say Anything, Apples to Apples, UNO, Charades
Classified Cupid: Instead of Secret Santa, have a Classified Cupid. Before your party have everyone bring a $5-$15 gift and upon arrival have them draw a name of someone else at the party to give their present to.  Find a time during the party to have a gift exchange of the presents. To see who goes first, draw names out of a hat. After the first name is drawn and they receive their gift from their Classfied Cupid, they then give a gift to the person who they drew at the beginning of the part. Continue this pattern until everyone has received their gift.
Give/Make Cheesy Valentine’s cards: Every one loves a corny card, so why not give them to your friends? You can go to the store and find them or get creative and make your own. Here are a few cute examples and there are many more on Pintrest.
MASH cards:  Bring back MASH from middle school and “accurately” find out what your future city, husband, home, number of kids, and job will be. Here is the pdf for the document above from Danielle DeLorenz0 mash-game-printable
Just Dance Tournament: Clear your living rooms, set up your Wiis, and get ready for a Just Dance Tournament. To make Just Dance even more competitive, keep score and have a prize for your highest scoring dancer.
53d8618eb70a9b2a13fed68d83b979ef“I love you because” cards: Simply type or write out “I love you because” and the names of your friends on sheets of paper and spread them out on table where everyone can sign each paper. Each friend can go around and write something that they love about their friends. When everyone is done, each person can keep their card with their name on it as a party present. Here is a pdf form of the picture above so you can print it out i-love-you-because-pdf.
Bachelor Watch Party: Monday Night Bachelor Parties are always a must, and what better way is there to spend GALentine’s Day than watching what Corrine will do next?

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