Cool Week Internship


Here is the full Cool Week video. Interning at Fashion x was amazing. I learned an overhwelming amount of lessons just in a short period of three days. The first day, I got to know my mentor, Kylie Bollwitt, and her journey to get where she is today. She is amazing. Kylie has done everything from producing Austin Fashion Week, to creating her own fashion line. I learned that in the fashion industry there is no specific path you have to take, you must veer in multiple directions before you find your niche. The second day we were given the task of making a photo shoot. When I first got the project I thought, “How hard can it be? I’ve done a few blog photo shoots before. This can’t be too hard.” And boy, was I wrong. Our photo shoot project consisted of finding everything from the price of a certain top, to the price of a model per hour. To put it more simply: it was A LOT of work. But, it was very rewarding in the end and it gave me a glimpse of the work it takes to be in the fashion industry. On the third day, it was time to present our projects. While presenting my project, Kylie gave me ideas that could make my photo shoot better and sparked many new ideas for me. After presenting my work, I was pleased with what I had created and I was inspired for future blog posts and photo shoots (here is my finished project cool-week-portfolio-2). That day we also got to meet with the creator of Cassandra Collections. She shared with us how she created her company and how her idea started. After hearing about her story, she instilled in my mind that I can do whatever I set my mind to as long as I give it my everything. I left those three days very inspired and motivated. Motivated to make my blog better and inspired to achieve my dreams as I set off for college this fall. 

Be sure to check out and @cassandracolllections on instagram 

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