SXSW Street Style

Austin, Texas- The live music capital of the world. It also is the home to Austin City Limits and South by Southwest. The streets of Austin, Texas contain everything from custom poem writers to break dancers. This city embraces uniqueness staying true to the saying, “Keep Austin Weird”. Roaming the streets of SXSW, I came across all different sorFullSizeRender 30ts of styles: Boho, hipster, trendy, and honestly just plain weird. Here are some of my favorite looks I came across roaming the streets of SXSW.




Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.58.10 PM

Fresh off the Plane This was their “Fresh off the plane look,” as they called it. Wow, I sure wish I looked half as good as them after I got off of a plane. Sporting a boho look on the left, she rocks her printed wide leg pants, army green cargo jacket, and black fedora. Going for a more preppy look on the right, she wore a neutral poncho and added a pop of color with bright red skinny jeans.


Struttin’ on Soco On a girls night out, these three girls show off their love for denim and converse. Two of the girls wore light washed denim jean shorts with short sleeve tees. In the middle, she chose to wear a patterned romper with a vintage jean jacket.

Patch’in for Fashion Sporting an all black attire, he rocks his one of a kind denim jacket with an array of patches. I admired the way he owned his individual style. I was especially fond of his checkered slip on vans and black cap.

thumb_IMG_2158_1024.jpgFriends & Florals Checking out the local Austin boutiques, these three friends strut the streets in the latest floral trend. This spring, floral prints are going to be everywhere, and these ladies for sure know how to style floral prints.

thumb_IMG_2088_1024.jpgTrendsetting in a Tie This girl sure knows how to rock a bow tie and a pocket square. The two unlikely colors of sea-foam green and magenta, coordinate perfectly in her one of a kind outfit.


Do you Believe in Magic? Standing out on the sidewalks, this magician boldly wears various shades of orange. This outfit shows off his individuality and confidence, drawing SXSW visitors to his magic stand.


Lovin’ the Leather In matching looks, this couple knows how to pull off leather jackets. Their sleek all black looks show off their edgy styles. This duo definitely knows how to dress for downtown.

thumb_IMG_2097_1024.jpgChic Companions Rocking different shades of denim, these friends shop in style. On the left, she wore black overalls with a green and black stripes underneath. To the right, she rocks a full denim look with the addition of a graphic tee. thumb_IMG_2083_1024.jpgThe Heart Collectors After wrapping up a SXSW performance at the Toms store, I had the opportunity to meet The Heart Collectors. I was drawn to their unique style and warm personalities. Each of their outfits was perfectly styled with their unique accessories and bold prints. I was so lucky to have a chance to get to know such lovely people. Click Here for the link to their website to check their music out.


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