Professional Teeth Whitening at Home

As a fashion blogger, one of the best accessories I can have is a smile. With my nonstop busy schedule, it’s hard for me to even time to update my blog sometimes. Teeth whitening has always been something that I try to incorporate into my weekly routine, but lately, it has been challenging to find time with my crazy college schedule, soccer practice, and blogging. What drew me to using Smile Brilliant was how easily accessible it is at any time of the day. Whether I’m doing my homework or getting ready for a photo shoot, I can always quickly pop in my teeth whitening tray and whiten my teeth.


I have used whitening strips and whitening gel from my dentist, but they have never been as effective as Smile Brilliant. The Smile Brilliant team ensured that I got the best service possible. They send you a kit to make sure you have the perfect impressions for your whitening trays and they send back to you in no time. Also, when using other whitening strips or gel, my teeth would become very sensitive. With Smile Brilliant, my teeth never became sensitive because they include sensitivity gel to use after whitening your teeth. I have been amazed my results and so satisfied with this product. Here is a quick picture of my teeth before and after using Smile Brilliant:

Before and After: 


There you have it, my secret to white teeth. You too can get your own Smile Brilliant kit by entering my giveaway by clicking this link, or by using my code esanchez15 for 15% off whitening trays.

How to Whiten Your Teeth

How to Whiten Your Teeth

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