My First Red Sox Game!

I’m not going to lie, I barely know anything about baseball… I had to have quick 5-minute tutorial before the game and I bought a Red Sox hat the day of the game to hop on the bandwagon. Even though I have no interest in baseball whatsoever, I was so excited to go to my first Red Sox Game and finally wear my “Red Sox game outfit”.

IMG_4857.JPGThe game was against the Yankees and I was warned before about the rivalry but, I didn’t know how intense it was until I was sitting in my seats. We got seats in the bleachers (that were only $9 if you search student Red Sox tickets) and we were in the middle of a mix of Red Sox and Yankees fans, which was INSANE. When I say insane, I mean INSANE. I was even two rows away from an actual fist fight (if you have me on snapchat you can see it on my story). The fight was so intense that one dude threw another guy over a row of seats and kept repeatedly punching him until the police came to break up the fight. The fight was very entertaining, to be honest, but it was not so fun afterward. During the fight,  someone split their whole beer on my jeans, coat, and hat :’). To avoid becoming a human beer popsicle, my friend and I left.
IMG_4829.jpegOverall I definitely got the full experience of Fenway Park. I got to get popcorn, cotton candy, got to hear Bostonians and New Yorkers yell at each other (with crazy heavy accents), and I even got to see a fight. Now I can check this off my Boston bucket list! Next time, I am most definitely going to bring more layers and maybe even a parka so I can avoid another dry cleaning bill.


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