My Everyday Teeth Whitening Routine

As y’all may know, Smile Brilliant is my go to teeth whitening brand. When I found out they had an electric toothbrush too, I was so excited! In the past I have had other electric toothbrushes, but I would just buy the cheapy ones at Target. I never thought I would loved a electric toothbrush as much as I love my Smile Brilliant toothbrush. The results between my cheap electric toothbrush and Smile Brilliant toothbrush were day and night… There are 5 different modes and there is even one specifically for teeth whitening (the other four modes are clean, massage, gum care, and sensitive).

Find this toothbrush here

To me, having a white smile makes me more confident! The fact that I was able to whiten my teeth every day just from brushing my teeth amazed me. My schedule is always super busy and I have very little downtime. Whitening my teeth wasn’t always at the top of list of things to do, but now, I can whiten my teeth by simply using my toothbrush. I know that you have probably heard that you need an electronic toothbrush everytime you go to the dentist. Trust me, I was a bit skeptical of how much of a difference it would make, but wow, I am so impressed with the results.


Because I loved my toothbrush so much, my sweet friends at Smile Brilliant gave me a coupon to give to all of y’all! This is an offer too good to pass up… To get my exclusive code for the cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush, follow this link:

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