P.S. We Had Our First Event!

P.S. we just had our first event and it was AMAZING. We hosted a swap, shop, and style event at the fourth wall restaurant. At the party, girls from all over Boston brought in clothes they no longer wanted and swapped them for other people’s clothes. Using a ticketing system, girls saw how fun it is to not spend money for clothes, but rather pay using tickets. One article of previously owned clothing was equivalent to one ticket that allowed them to “swap” for a new item. We had so many unique pieces and many happy girls got to go home with some new clothes!  The remainder of the clothing will go to my P.S. inventory or will be donated to charity.

For the shopping portion, we had local vendors have little pop-ups to preview products. The 3 vendors were Twain Clothiers, The Good Apple, and Aéras Wear (click the links to check out their instas). They were amazing! The attendees were able to get some super cute clothes & accessories. With the style portion, I was able to help people with any styling questions, and further explain more about P.S. and what’s coming next.

Yesterday was a dream come true. I can’t believe how much has happened over the past few months and I am so overwhelmed by the love and support that I have gotten. There were multiple times when I wanted to cry of happiness during the event, but had to continuously remind myself that I couldn’t mess up my pretty makeup (done by my talented friend Arianna Parilla her insta is linked as well). I am so thankful for everyone that was able to come and for everyone who still shared their love and support even if they weren’t there. I can’t wait to finally kick off P.S. and start styling y’all. Here’s to the launch of P.S. and many more events!



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