By: Olivia Cigliano

It’s no secret people turn to body modifications to cope with stress or boredom. Whether it’s a breakup, graduation, or even a pandemic, getting crafty with hair can be the instant gratification needed to make light of a heavy reality. Young women are playing hairdresser in quarantine and the trend is going viral (for lack of a better term). 

The most prominent DIY style circulating is associated with the “E-Girl” trope. The trend is a reincarnation of a popular ‘90s grunge staple: two long strips of bleached hair that contrast dark locks to effectively frame the face. Sometimes referred to as “90s bangs”, this style is both low-commitment and high-impact. It’s easy to achieve at home for just the price of bleach mix, and it can be customized with color dye. It’s one of the first beauty trends to emerge in the new decade and Gen-Z is leading the pack, popularizing the style on TikTok and Instagram. 

TikTok is especially driving the E-Girl trend, where young girls are posting videos documenting their process. The app itself is growing globally, projecting to reach 2 billion downloads soon, where experts believe its numbers are rising due to quarantine boredom. 

#QuarantineHair is erupting on social media and Pinterest reported to Allure that searches for “home haircut” are up by 417 percent. Also, CNN reported that sales of hair clippers increased 166 percent and hair coloring products rose 23 percent from the same period a year earlier since this time last year.

DIY hair is not a new trend by any means. The need for a creative, satisfying, and escapist project, such as an endeavor into a new hairstyle at 2 AM, has solidified funky bleach jobs and botched bangs during the chaotic first quarter of 2020. 

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