There’s A Piece Of Song In How I Dress

By: Brynn Rhodes

I don’t know if I am the only person who does this, but I feel like music can help determine my outfit of the day, or as the kids say #ootd. 

Music has always been my thing, and I have taken pride in having such an eclectic taste of music. In middle school, when everybody was going through their One Direction and Justin Bieber phases, I was obsessed with Coldplay and Vampire Weekend because I didn’t want to be like everybody else. I think I took it a little too far when I made my Skype username BieberHater111….

My obsession to be different also carried over into my fashion taste. In high school, I refused to dress like every other Howard County girl. Instead, I put a cute outfit together at the crack ass of dawn every day. I was repulsed by the idea of ever having the same piece of clothing as somebody else. 

As many men in my life have said to me, “you’re different from the rest of the other girls,” and I wanted to keep that going, especially when it came to my music and fashion tastes. 

Moral of the story is that I have realized over the years that music can impact many things in your life, but it can really impact how you dress yourself. One day, I’ll rock some vibrant blue joggers and an oversized vintage t-shirt and jam to Biggie and a Tribe Called Quest. Another day I’ll channel my inner Stevie Nicks with a flowy and colorful dress and strictly listen to Fleetwood Mac. One day I’ll wear a bitchin’ blazer in order to feel a more intense emotional connection to Harry Styles (come on, who wouldn’t want that). 

Quarantine f**king sucks sisters. But let the music make you take risks with your style. Let those musical icons influence how you dress and allow your fashion sense to be inspired by a certain song. Music is so powerful, and it can really help distract you, especially in the crazy ass time we are living in right now. 

P.S. Here is a playlist I made that is strictly feel-good quarantine bops. I challenge you to create outfits from these featured songs.

P.P.S. The playlist is collaborative, so feel free to add your favorite song that has been keeping you sane during quarantine, or a song that reminds you of your favorite outfit.  

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