P.S. Meet Amanda Benavente

Hi everybody, My name is Amanda Benavente and I am a P.S.A!

I met the founder, Elise, of this beautiful company, my freshman year of College. We both were newbies playing college soccer at Emerson. I always thought Elise was the most extravagant, outgoing, STYLISH, motivated girl I have ever met. One thing that really stood out to me was how she truly supported me always. We had this reciprocal “fan girl” friendship toward each other- which we still do. As years went on, I continued to play soccer, even becoming the Captain of Emerson Women’s Soccer as a Sophomore and studying Business of Creative Enterprises at Emerson! And Elise went on to focus on building her dream career and business which I SO respected.  While she was developing P.S I wanted to help her out, as much as I could, because her passion made me so happy and I wanted to be involved! Look at where we are now…

After 3 years of knowing each other we have grown A LOT- we have had great internships, experiences, and memories! For me, Elise has always been that girl boss friend of mine that I am proud to have! However, Elise now wants to turn the spotlight on me to showcase the collaborative space that P.S is really about, shining a light on everyone’s Personal Style!

So as a P.S.A I wanted to share with you all a little more about me! I am 21 years old who is from Boca Raton, Florida. I have a passion for athletics, marketing, business, fashion, and design; and I strive to be the best at these crafts. I just, recently, made my website www.ByBenavente.com, to showcase my work, portfolio, tips, tricks, and stories, so I can share my skills with other people and even businesses! For my P.S takeover, I wanna share my personal style that is focused on fitness and positivity! I wanna show the world how getting a workout can boost your happiness and make you feel more alive (even when you are having a rough day and don’t wanna get a workout in).

Therefore, I am giving you all an “Abs by Benavente” Workout Challenge! I want to get creative and show how doing a little a day can overall go a long way. This does not just mean for fitness but for life- for example, if you wanna start a company or a new skill! One step at a time gets you closer to your goals, but you have to remember to keep on going even when it gets rough. I have attached the ab workout here! I hope you guys enjoy this and get your friends and families involved in this challenge.

 P.S Who did it Best ?!? #AbsByBenavente #PsAbChallenge

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