I Saw it on TikTok

By: Carolyn Vaimoso

During this quarantine, social media has been a black hole that I find myself lost in for hours, most specifically Tik Tok. That app has caused me to ruin my sleep schedule, and it honestly boggles my mind that something so ridiculous could occupy my attention for an unhealthy amount of hours. Whether it’s dances that I embarrassingly try to teach myself, comedy skits that make me laugh until my stomach hurts, singing duets that I listen to on repeat, or fitness tutorials that have me feeling that my life is together after 2 minutes. With all of these short videos, I find myself trying things that I would not do normally.

 Amazon and the Dollar Tree have always been my go-to place to pick up products that I see constantly popping up on my “For You Page”. I have retrieved some fun gadgets that make quarantine life a bit more fun, elevating my “self-care” mantra. Instead of drinking regular hot coffee in the mornings, I grab a whisk and fix myself some whipping coffee- purely because TikTok suggested it. The amount of beauty tools that inspired me to spice up my boring beauty routine is beyond me. I question myself all the time, “am I really wasting my time?”  The answer to that is yes, yes I am. However, what else is there to do during quarantine? 

I only see positives coming out of following the trends on this app. I am getting in shape from the workouts, mastering the dances that I follow make me feel accomplished, and the beauty tips that I have received just educate me further. One could argue that I am being a follower, that following trends cannot possibly build your individuality. My argument is that because of the mass variety of content, I can pick and choose whatever suits me best. It helps to branch out a bit once in a while, but in the end, I am only being myself. I also can produce my own original content. It would be pretty cool to go viral, but at the end of the day, my intention is just to keep myself from being bored. So why not? Go out there, test out things you would never find yourself doing before. You never know, you could be adding something to your daily routine that you could not believe you lived without before.

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