Hi friends! My name is Kaitlin and I am super excited to get to be a part of this amazing company! One thing I love about P.S. is the fact that the message is to empower women to choose how THEY want to shine. Not everyone is the same, so it’s important to embrace our uniqueness! That being said, my favorite phrase is “Own Your Power.”

Who am I/What do I do? I was born and raised in LA and work as a fitness (spin) instructor here in Santa Monica. Along with that, I currently work as a social media freelancer both on the management and on the creative side for different platforms. I graduated Chapman U in 2019 with a BFA in Film Production Directing, and two minors in Broadcast Journalism and Business Admin. Which leads to my first and most important loves: acting and film directing.

I am passionate about a LOT of different things so the way I explain my life to people is: I have a puzzle that is my life, and I am currently actively putting together the pieces. My current puzzle piece while in quarantine is: finding ways to make the memories feel extra special.  So, I am starting to put out photos and videos of my major life adventures thus far, especially when I was able to travel the world! I love living in a fast pace environment, with lots of projects and creative ventures in the works! But friends and family forever and always mean the most 😊 Thank you P.S. for the amazing work and for having me!!

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