My Personal Style is Lifestyle

Routines, passions, goals, talents, mindsets… It’s all lifestyle! Well, for me at least. I consider everything a lifestyle. When you think about it, and also by definition, lifestyle refers to the way in which a person lives. For many of us, it’s one of the few (or many) things in life that we can actually control, so why not make the best of it? Personally, I think that the best way to stay sane is to program your mindset; view your life as a canvas that you color in as and how you desire. It sounds cheesy but there is just something about doing whatever the fuck you want that is so liberating… Responsibly and sanely, of course, lol.

I’m a firm believer that mind, body, and soul go hand in hand. It’s extremely easy to forget this sometimes, especially now that we’re all quarantined. Trust me, I get it: this life thing can be incredibly overwhelming sometimes. However, take a step back. Think about what you have and what is at your reach and make something great out of that. Be sunshine. Go on a run or nice long walk. Take it in. Do some yoga, pilates, a barre class, anything. But stay active. Look up healthy recipes. Nurture your body. Remember that food is fuel. FaceTime your friends if you feel like it. It is totally okay to want your space. Have a photoshoot in your bedroom or backyard, no one is judging you. Wear jeans indoors, wear sweatpants all day, wear whatever you want to wear!!! Give yourself a manicure. Don’t know how? Don’t worry, I got you Take a step back. Read a book. Binge-watch a show on Netflix… or five. Who cares? Wash your hair. Eat the last cookie. Place the order. Spend 4 hours on TikTok. Make a cup of tea before bed. The list goes on. But focus on yourself for yourself and strive towards that ideal lifestyle that you’ve been fantasizing on for so long and if you hadn’t really thought about one, create it. Paint it, splash it, or sketch it on to your canvas. My guess is that you have time, right? 

Take care. 



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