P.S. Meet Enang

Hey lovelies, my name is Enang but people call me E. I’m from Austin, Texas and I am currently a nursing major and psychology minor at Tuskegee University in Alabama. My inspiration for fashion definitely comes from my love for music and my favorite celebrities. My casual but cute style has expanded over the past few years and I hope that the way I express myself through fashion, hair, and makeup will influence others to find their personal style. 

Growing up I was always an athletic and adventurous person. That is where my comfy/cute style came in. I used to always be on the move every week from track practice to dance competitions so backup clothing was always a necessity for me. Also, being a part of such a big cultured family and attending college in a different state has its benefits; I get to travel all the time with my friends and family while meeting new people and witnessing new cultures and new fashion all around the world. 

I feel like in order to reach your full personal style potential you have to take time to get to know yourself as well. I know I set aside time to meditate, drink a hot cup of tea in the morning, read/write poetry, listen to music, and watch my favorite movies. I also love to be out with my friends and go on sight seeing’s. Take advantage of this pandemic to find yourself and do activities that you enjoy doing (while staying safe and healthy of course). Whether it’s reading a new book, meditating, exercising, rummaging through your closet to create potential outfits for future outings and vacations, or just picking up a new skill. Start manifesting the future you want, your goals, and dreams into the world now. Might as well with all the time that has given to us. 


PSA Enang (E) 

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