PSA Meet Hanna

hi everyone my name is hanna and i am so so honored to be a PSA! I’m originally from everywhere — i grew up in orlando, mexico, abu dhabi, and virginia — but i’ve spent these past few years staying put at Emerson College in Boston! I’m officially a rising senior (ahh!!!) majoring in writing for film and television with a minor in sociology, which allows me to focus specifically on creating social justice films. I’m actually in the process of making my own right now, so if you’d like to check that out everything is on our instagram @doesmyheadlookbig! I was so incredibly excited to be a part of PSA because beauty and fashion have always been such a huge part of my life, but as a girl who wears a hijab, i often find that i have to ~modify~ the rules of fashion, or even create some of my own, to keep up. ps is such a wonderful platform because thats exactly what it celebrates! i feel so lucky to be a PSA and am super excited to see how ps grows 💗

Also here is a little synopsis of my film! 

Iman Sherif, a 22 year old Egyptian-American Muslim, is the perfect Arab daughter; She is the daughter of her mosque’s beloved Imam, she studies law at NYU, and she sneaks out almost every night to perform stand-up at various clubs & make fun of the obvious juxtapositions in her ‘Arab’ life and her ‘American’ one. When 9/11 complicates the delicate balance of her two worlds, Iman must find a way to get her career, her family life, and the family business back on track — all while deciding whether she wants to live the life that her parents want for her (with the suitor they want for her) or if she’s ready to break away from their expectations and pursue the dream, and the boy, she wants.

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