My Daily Skincare Routine

By: Emma Cox

Miss Corona has changed a lot in all of our lives, including our academic and creative endeavours. Up until March, I was working on a photography project examining beauty through makeup, and I was using models and shooting on location. Once the quarantine came into effect in Boston, one of the cities that was hit hard the earliest, I had to pivot. I changed my entire project to self portraiture and began doing those makeup looks on myself. I really enjoyed the challenge of this project but it isn’t something that I would have ever done if I hadn’t been pushed to by isolation. But as much as I love makeup, between shooting and wearing a mask every time I leave the house my skin has been needing some extra love. 

I have had acne problems throughout highschool and college, I am no stranger to just about every method in the book. I have been to dermatologists, spent hours in drugstore skincare aisles, and even visited facialists and what I have learned is that what works for someone might not work for the next person. I have combination skin and used to have cystic acne that I eventually conquered with prescription solutions. Although eventually, it did clear up I still have some scarring left behind.

This is my skin care routine, it’s what works for me and it took me a long time to get here. 

  1. Makeup Remover

For this step I generally use Micellar Water for my eyes and if my makeup is super caked on I use alcohol free makeup wipes. (It is important to use alcohol free wipes, otherwise your skin can get dried out and irritated)

  1. Face Wash

I use CereVe Foaming Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily skin, this was recommended to me by my dermatologist. It also has niacinamide which helps reduce redness, always a plus!

  1. Toner

I use Glossier’s The Solution. This is my front line against my acne scars and remaining breakouts. It has a bunch of skincare acids including salicylic acid that encourage cell turnover and help my face heal. This doesn’t work for everybody and can be too intense for those with sensitive skin.

  1. Moisturizer

Again, I use CerVe here! It is just an all around gentle brand that is fragrance free and decently priced. For daytime, I use their AM Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30 (super important to wear spf everyday, your face is some of your most sensitive skin). For night time, I use their PM facial moisturizing lotion super lightweight.

  1. Spot Treatment

I use the ever so popular Mario Bedescu drying lotion. There’s a reason for the hype! I’ve been using this stuff for years and can swear by it. 

  1. Bonus: Face Scrub

I use Acure Sea Kelp and French Green Clay Brightening Facial Scrub, a vegan face scrub. I only use this once or twice a week in the shower! It is important not to use a facial scrub as your main face wash, it can microtear your skin and do more harm than good. Using it a few times a week though, can help you clear out dead skin and pigmentation. 

This is my skincare routine! I am not a skincare expert but this is what works for me. 

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