Love Yourself Pt. 1

I wrote this poem for every girl who feels stuck in their body, which many of us have most likely experienced. Dancing, swaying, and jumping around my room to my favorite songs is my go-to way of feeling instantly invincible. I wanted to take this action and meld it into a weapon against the negativity we all face in ourselves. When we zone in on the insecurities we have, it can start to feel like an uphill battle. For some of us, convincing ourselves that we are worth it can feel like a daily chore. I just want you to know: you deserve to be happy. 

I wanted to instill the feeling of almost being buried that comes from the weight of self-hate and nitpicking. Despite the consistent challenges we face every day, we continue to climb. When I say to “climb your hips no matter how jagged or soft”, I bring to life one of the main insecurities. No matter what shape or size you are, being satisfied with how you see your body can feel impossible. I harness this difficult reality in the line, “it will hurt so bad”. It is imperative that we fight these feelings and continue to climb and dance our way out of fear. This is essentially a fight against yourself, and only you can conquer your doubts. This poem is meant to remind us that we are in fact made of the stars, and we are just as amazing as they are. 

Always love yourself. Always dance HARD.



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