The Beauty Benefits of Becoming a Vegan!

The Beauty Benefits of Becoming a Vegan! 

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. These are my personal results of becoming vegan. 

Have you ever wondered what would change if you completely cut out processed foods? I had always imagined the amazing physical benefits of being one of those “healthy girls”, but I never thought I could do it. However, one day I realized that I was the only thing stopping me from becoming who I had always wanted to be. After doing some research, I started to follow a Vegan diet, or in better terms, a Whole Foods Plant Based diet. This means that I do not eat processed foods, and I meet my nutritional needs by focusing on natural, minimally-processed plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, and legumes. Becoming vegan not only transformed me physically, but mentally. 

  1. Becoming Vegan Healed My Relationship With Food! I have always struggled with my weight. Before going vegan, I had tried every diet under the sun! All of the calorie counting and restriction left me feeling like my body was failing me. However, I had managed to lose a good amount of weight when I did an online program my senior year of high school. Though the program worked, It was not sustainable for me; I was focused on calories and portion sizes rather than the nutritional value of my food. After being diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder this year, I was put on a medication that altered my weight, and I gained everything back. My anxiety was gone, but so was my confidence. One day, I came upon the movie Game Changers on Netflix. The movie showed people healing miraculously by going on a Vegan diet. I had nothing to lose, and felt like if these people in the documentary could heal physically and mentally from a Plant Based Diet, so could I! After only 3 weeks on a Vegan Diet, I felt amazing, I did not have to count calories, and I could eat big portions of vegetables, beans, legumes, and fruits. I began to love eating again instead of fearing it. I was losing weight, but I did not even care about that anymore. Eating a Plant Based Diet allowed me to trust and nourish my body again. I currently feel free from diet culture, and the most confident I have ever felt in my life. 
  2. My Hair and Nails Grew and Became Healthier! After adopting a plant based lifestyle, my hair and nails began to thrive! Vegetables and fruits are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that can boost hair and nail growth. For example, cucumbers and radishes contain silica which is a mineral that promotes strength in your nails and hair. Plant based fat sources such as avocado, chia seeds, kale, and almonds also help hair growth and strength. Before becoming vegan, my hair and nails always had breakage. Now, with the increase of essential vitamins and minerals like iron, vitamin E, and calcium, my hair is the longest it has ever been, and acrylic nails are a distant memory.
  3. My Skin Flourished! Becoming vegan helped me realize the impact that dieting has on our skin. I had never struggled with acne, but my skin was always textured and dull. In order to meet my nutritional needs, my vegan diet requires me to consume a lot of vegetables and fruits. Plant based foods are loaded with antioxidants which can help your skin flourish. After becoming vegan, I have a brighter complexion and less texture. In addition, my occasional breakouts became non-existent. Following a whole foods plant based diet has positively affected my skin, and in turn, I feel much more confident rocking my bare face! 

By replacing meat and dairy with plant sources, I have seen huge improvements in the health of my body and my mind. If you want to cut inflammation and heal trust in your body, I would highly recommend giving it a try! 

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