Let’s Feel GOOD

Let’s FEEL GOOD By: Zeiana Andrade I’ve struggled so much with self confidence and feeling good about myself for years. I’ve come to realize taking better care of my body and my stress is what helps me the most. It can be hard to maintain self care during quarantine, so here are some things youContinue reading “Let’s Feel GOOD”

Love Yourself Pt. 1

I wrote this poem for every girl who feels stuck in their body, which many of us have most likely experienced. Dancing, swaying, and jumping around my room to my favorite songs is my go-to way of feeling instantly invincible. I wanted to take this action and meld it into a weapon against the negativityContinue reading “Love Yourself Pt. 1”

P.S. Meet Enang

Hey lovelies, my name is Enang but people call me E. I’m from Austin, Texas and I am currently a nursing major and psychology minor at Tuskegee University in Alabama. My inspiration for fashion definitely comes from my love for music and my favorite celebrities. My casual but cute style has expanded over the pastContinue reading “P.S. Meet Enang”


Hellooo everyone! My name is Andrea Lee and I’m a PSA.  I’m a Hong Kong and Boston based content creator, and my friends will describe me as a bubbly, high-pitched gal who almost always seems to have too much excitement about absolutely nothing. You can tell me you casually bought some brie at Trader Joe’sContinue reading “#WearUrFlair”

There’s A Piece Of Song In How I Dress

By: Brynn Rhodes I don’t know if I am the only person who does this, but I feel like music can help determine my outfit of the day, or as the kids say #ootd.  Music has always been my thing, and I have taken pride in having such an eclectic taste of music. In middleContinue reading “There’s A Piece Of Song In How I Dress”

The Pressure to Perform: Looking at Style as a Performative Act

By: Faith Bugenhagen The city streets are concrete canvases that house individuals walking from point A to point B, stopping often in between. This is how city living circulates, an un-ending pendulum of buzzing activity. Cities house some of the most creative, artistic people, blending them into the crowds and faces that are seen sporadicallyContinue reading “The Pressure to Perform: Looking at Style as a Performative Act”